Experiences that grow strong leaders and build great teams.

Learning through shared experiences is invaluable. It is the ONLY way for adults to grow and change. Lessons become richer, discussions more thought provoking. Plus, participants build trust, understanding, and form strong bonds that last throughout their career.

By using historic places, and events associated with them, we carefully curate leadership experiences and lessons that have been described as “extraordinary,” “inspirational,” “memorable,” and “life-changing” – all while keeping your leadership needs and goals in mind.

Each experience is further accentuated by introducing practical leadership lessons, concepts and strategies through keynote talks and classroom style seminars. Each day ends with a facilitated discussion to help pave the way for implementing individual growth and organizational change.

Our experiential leadership workshops include the following historical events:

During this workshop I learned how to develop strong relationships with my colleagues and to open myself up to many different points of view. Words cannot do justice to the amazing experience I had at the Diamond6 workshop. They thought of every detail!
— Keith Thompson

We are adult learning specialists.

Teaching adults requires a unique approach. As an adult learner you come with your own set of experiences and mindsets about yourself, your work, your career and organization. You’re also busy and want learning that meets your needs and goals – every time.

Our faculty members respect your life experiences and professional knowledge. Instead of trying to dismiss your experiences and knowledge or try and change your mindset we integrate and utilize them to enrich the learning environment for everyone.

Thank you for one of the best leadership seminars I have attended! Using historical events as a backdrop for supporting strong leadership practices was extremely effective.
— Stefan Krischl