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December 7th, 1941 is an iconic date marking the attack on Pearl Harbor. The actions of leaders on both sides of this historic battle made the difference in the turn of events on that day, for better or for worse. During this leadership workshop, a leadership facilitator and Pearl Harbor historian will lead participants to the various sites where critical decisions were made and actions taken on the island of Oahu, including the Pacific Aviation Museum, USS Missouri, Hospital Point, and the Punchbowl Cemetery. At each stop we will examine key aspects of the attack and leadership lessons that apply as much to us today as they did on that fateful Sunday morning. The day concludes with an active discussion about how all leaders can learn from the good and the bad leadership decisions made on this historic date. It is no overstatement to say that Pearl Harbor is one of the most important and intense “leadership laboratories” in our history.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the actions of leaders on that day and what tools they used for decision-making.

  • Identify effective leadership strategies in complex, high-pressure environments.

  • Open discussions around strategic leadership, strategic vision, innovation, communications in an organization, “leading the boss”, and organizational culture and change. 

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Can’t come to Pearl Harbor? We’ll bring Pearl Harbor to you!

Save time and money with our Pearl Harbor On-The-Road Workshop! This workshop can be hosted aboard the USS Hornet in the San Francisco Bay, the USS Iowa in the Port of Los Angeles, or a location of your choosing. Both the Iowa and the Hornet are examples of the type of ships used during the attack and provide a very unique experience for participants.