Powerful lessons about organizational culture and change in the heart of
San Antonio, Texas.


San Antonio provides a wonderful site for this leadership seminar.  The Alamo is a timeless event shrouded in legend and lore. The struggle of 189 Texans against over 2,000 Mexican soldiers for 13 days is a tale that inspires Americans even today and has been captured in several films. But underneath the iconic, legendary figures and the constant retelling of the story by Hollywood is a classic case study for leadership which is relevant for all modern-day leaders. This workshop closely examines the leadership successes and failures of the two teams involved -- the Texans and the Mexican Army. The day begins with a presentation by a leadership facilitator and an Alamo historian to outline the events before, during, and after this battle. Participants then attend a private, docent-led tour of the Alamo where the history and leadership lessons come to life. The day concludes with a facilitated discussion about how the lessons from this epic battle can be applied to current day leadership challenges.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand strategic and tactical leadership and how to make decisions based on these concepts.

  • Learn concepts of team dynamics and how to effectively lead a team through challenges and adversity.

  • Discuss how to implement leadership learnings from the past into modern-day situations

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